Filmentwicklung mit Kaffee und Vitamin C

Ich beschäftige mich die letzten Tage damit ein wenig mein altes Foto-Labor wiederzubeleben. Bei der nächtlichen Recherche bin ich durch Zufall auf einen Blogeintrag aufmerksam geworden:


Bevor das allwissende Web diese tolle Idee verschluckt hier eine Kopie des Rezepts:

Here’s the thing, though: different films will have different results. Some will develop perfectly in 12 minutes, others will take up to 20 minutes. Shoot a test roll of your favorite film, develop it for 12 minutes and see how it turns out. If it’s too thin, it needs more time. If the negatives come out opaque, it needs less time.

What You’ll Need:


•Instant coffee (not decaf)
•Vitamin C powder
•Washing soda (see Step 1)
•2 gallons of room-temperature distilled water (or tap water if you’re not fussy)
•A tiny wee drop of dishwashing liquid


•A daylight developing tank & reel
•A roll of exposed film
•A bottle opener
•Measuring beakers (including one large enough to hold 16 fluid ounces)
•Measuring spoons
•2 glasses
•A spoon
•A timer
•2 clothespins
•Clothesline or coat hanger

Formula for 12 oz. of developer:

•12 oz. water
•5 teaspoons instant coffee crystals
•3 1/2 teaspoons washing soda
•1/2 teaspoon vitamin C powder

Mix the vitamin C and coffee in a glass with 6 oz. of water. Stir until all the crystals and gritty bits are completely dissolved.
Mix the washing soda in a separate glass with 6 oz. of water and stir until dissolved.

Mix the two solutions together in a container large enough to hold all of the liquid.

So, we heard that this developer smells really bad, but we didn’t believe it until we mixed the 2 liquids together.

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